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Why a Pacific Garage?

There are many reasons why you should choose to have a Pacific Garage but chief among them is the intrinsic value of all wood frame construction. “Wood frame construction”, “Stick frame”, “Conventional framing”, “Stick built”, are different terms for describing how we build your project.

There are other ways to get your car out of the weather like post frame or pole buildings; they can be quite a lot cheaper, if you are just looking to keep the rain off. If you want to compare a post frame building versus our Conventional frame, check out Town and Country Permabilt, at their website: http://www.permabilt.com/framing.php vs. our Step Inside page http://www.pacificgarages.com/. (make the Step Inside a link to the step inside page) click on the model you are interested in to see a cross section of how we put it together.

Our techniques and materials are the same used in most home construction which makes it very easy if you choose to wire, insulate, and or sheetrock your project, now or in the future. Pole buildings on the other hand use posts buried in the ground with steel siding and roofing, requiring additional framing and need a minimal amount of insulation under the steel to keep it from sweating. Our wood siding and roof sheathing don’t sweat, or dent for that matter.

With wood or composite siding; like James Hardie Siding www.jameshardie.com/ , you have the ability to match your home, and you can paint it the same color, and make the new building seem like it was part of the original construction and not some add on. We can usually come very close to matching your existing roofing or you can choose from many styles and colors to get the roofing you want, including steel roofing. One of the products we use for steel roofing is Champion Metals "Snaplok" system.

If you have a asphalt composite roofing, which most of us do, there are many suppliers but one we us quite a lot is www.abcsupply.com there you can compare many different types of roofing.

We use Chinook Lumber www.chinooklumber.com to supply our building materials and have had an ongoing relationship with them, since the start of our company in1986. They have a huge inventory of lumber products along with a door and window department if you want to shop for that special product.

One of the only things we routinely sub-contract out is our garage door installation. We have used Mount Baker Garage Doors Inc. since the start of our business and choose to offer their Clopay Premium Series insulated steel garage door as our standard garage door. They have many other doors to choose from and many customers shop directly with them to choose the door that best fits there needs.

Check them out at www.mtbakerdoorsinc.com/

Another important distinction between a Post Frame or Pole Building and ours is we actually have a concrete footing and or foundation around the building for the studs to sit on, we can accommodate a site that is four feet, or more, out of level, where the Post Frame construction relies on posts that are embedded into the ground 10’ to 12’ on center which makes it difficult for them to build on sites that aren’t level.

These are a few of the important differences between a Post Frame or Pole Building and the way Pacific Garages Inc does it but probably the most important is that a conventionally constructed building is intrinsically more valuable and will not only add value but will appreciate in value right along with your home. So if you want your new garage to be not only a great home for your cars, but also a great investment, please look seriously at choosing Pacific Garages Inc.

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